Digital C-Prints, Mounted on Dibond, 60x60 inches each
Edition of 5 with 1 Artist's Proof

In CORONAE, Andrew Wright continues his investigation into current and historical photographic technologies, and interrogates their use in describing the environments that comprise the world around us. This series of large-scale works takes up and challenges conventional understandings and uses of photographic materials, procedures, and functions, and contributes to the contemporary discourse on photography. Wright’s lustrous and at times indeterminant images present paradoxical references to the macroscopic and microscopic, as well as photographic realms as disparate as interstellar space and the cellular. In part an homage to, and questioning of, the tradition of camera-less image production, the works function to challenge the ways we perceive and recognize shape and form—and, in a contemporary context, advance the notions associated with Gestalt theories of perception and visual organization. By employing multiple photographic technologies and optics, Wright’s CORONAE deconstructs and reconstructs images that sit on the edge of possibility, encouraging us to look at the overlooked, find energy in the void, and feel the movement, time, and space of an intangible landscape.

The exhibition CORONAE received the inaugural
BMW Exhibition Prize during the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in 2011

"Andrew Wright very skillfully challenges the position and perspective of the viewer, who becomes the figure within the ground of his otherworldly images. Contemplative and darkly beautiful, Wright’s work is about light—the mechanics and the essence of photography—and can refer metaphorically to illumination, inspiration and the origin of the cosmos."

--David Liss, Director MOCCA