Journalism and Press:

Exposed: Alumnus Andrew Wright's photography draws global acclaim
University of Toronto Mississauga Alumni Magazine, Fall 2016.

The King of Visual Conundrums
Peter Simpson
Ottawa Citizen, January 22, 2015

A Holey Approach to Film Studies: Digital images show nothing -- and something,
Peter Simpson
Ottawa Citizen, March 14, 2011

Convention Submerged in Wright's
Still Water

Tony Martins
Guerilla Magazine (interview), Feb. 17, 2011

Andrew Wrght Gets Inspired by 24's Closed Captions, Peter Simpson
Ottawa Citizen, October 14, 2010

Still Water
Gary Michael Dault, Globe & Mail, May 23rd 2009

Andrew Wright
by David Balzer, Eye Weekly, July 23rd, 2008

The Wright Stuff: Military Images Elicit Complex Responsesby Leah Sandals, NOW Magazine, July 10-17, 2008, Vol. 27 No. 45

Cross-Country: Arts Professionals Offer Thoughts About Canada's Largest City & Art Scene by Leah Sandals
Canadian Art, Winter 2007-08, Volume 24, #4

Commencing Countdown, Engines On
Questions & Artists with Leah Sandals
National Post, Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Wright Stuff
In the running for a national award, Waterloo artist also has 3 exhibtions on the go
Robert Reid, The Record, May 19, 2007

Student Uprising: Equinox...
Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, March 26th

Floating Around, Looking at Things
Gary Michael Dault, Globe and Mail, April 24th, 2004

No-Tricks Photography
Kevin Temple, NOW Magazine, April 8-14, 2004 | Vol. 23 No. 32

A Movie, An Experience, At One Remove
Gary Michael Dault, Globe and Mail, June 14th, 2003

Video Sheds Funky New Light on Blind Man's Bluff
Robert Reid, The Record, My 24th, 2003

Sensory Deception: Two shows play tricks with sight and sound
Thomas Hirschmann, NOW Magazine, Jun 12 - 18, 2003 | Vol. 22 No. 41

A Garden of Illuminated Delights
Elaine Hujer, Hamilton Spectator, Jan. 11, 2003

Artist Sheds Light on Home and Garden
Craig MacBride, Oakville Beaver, Dec. 2, 2002

Boy + Girl = boygirl
By Joseph Bergel, Echo Weekly, May 3, 2001



















Reviews and Critical Expository:

Andrew Wright and The Art of Trespassing
October 2018, National Gallery of Canada Magazine
by Peter Simpson

Landscape Into Eco Art: Articulations of Nature Since The 60s
February 2018, Penn State University Press
256 pages, 7" × 10", 27 color/36 b&w illustrations
by Mark Cheetham

Andrew Wright: Untitled Photographic Pictures
September 2015, Ciel Variable 101
by Adam Barbu

Andrew Wright: Pretty Lofty & Heavy All at Once
June 2015, Canadian Art Magazine
by Sophie Lynch

Andrew Wright: Selected Diptychs & Multiples
July 2014, Thames Art Gallery
by Randy Innes

Expanding Our Field of Vision with CONTACT Festival / Le festival CONTACT élargit notre champ de vision.
January 2014, Ciel Variable 96
by Jill Glessing (traduction Emmanuelle Bouet)

What does Landscape Want? On Illumination as a Hermeneutics of Looking
September 13, 2013, Gallery TPW Blog: Wanting Images
by Sara Matthews
Associate Professor Wilfred Laurier University

Andrew Wright's Contact Show Shoots High
June 5, 2013, Canadian Art Magazine
by Bryne McLaughlin

Penumbra: List of Works + Brief Descriptions
Mark Cheetham, Bonnie Rubenstein & Andrew Wright
Penumbra Contact Photography Festival Guide
May 2013
by Mark A. Cheetham

Preternatural Journal of Curatorial Studies, Volume  1 Number 3, 2012
by Christine Conley

Preternatural ArtForum 'Critic's Picks', February 08, 2012
by William Ganis

Preternatural Excerpt from the catalog of the exhibition, Canadian Museum of Nature and other venues
by Celina Jeffery
Download the catalog, with additional text
by Levi R. BryantHERE

The Pleasures of Indeterminacy, Borderview, Border Crossings, Issue 119, September 2011
by Robert Enright

War Games and Rockets Audio Interview Canadian Art Magazine, June 2008
by Richard Rhodes

Survey: Curator's Statement Prefix ICA, June 19, 2008,
by Chantal Rousseau

Water's Edge Border Crossings Magazine, Issue No. 103, Fall 2007
by Mark Cheetham

Woodlot C Magazine December 22nd, 2007
by Tor Lukasik-Foss

Woodlot: The 3rd KW|AG Biennial
Catalogue essay July 11 - Sept 9, 2007
by Sally McKay

Passages: Andrew Wright & Lisa Klapstock Catalogue essay, Cambridge Library & Galleries, May 12 - June 30, 2007
by Ivan Jurakic

Image & Apparatus Catalogue essay, Museum London, April 21 - June 10th, 2007
by Susan Edelstein

The Artful Doubter Catalogue essay, KWAG Touring Exhibition, 2004
by Robert Enright

Blind Man's Bluff and Other Fictions, PEAK Gallery Exhibition Brochure, essay by Virginia M. Eichhorn
May 22 - June 21, 2003

Andrew Wright: Home and Garden, Oakville Galleries Border Crossings Magazine, Issue No.85, Feb. 2003
By Risa Horowitz

Mises-en-scène: Andrew Wright @ Red Head Canadian Art Magazine, Rewind, Winter 2003, vol 19, No. 4
by Anna-Marie Larsen

Home and Garden: Andrew Wright @ Oakville Galleries Exhibition brochure essay, November 23, 2002 – January 25, 2003
by Kim Simon

Mises-en-scène: Andrew Wright @ Red Head Shotgun reviews in Lola Magazine, issue #12, summer 2002
by Sally McKay & by Anitra Hamilton

The Plausible Impossibility of the Here and Now Cambridge Galleries
by Gordon Hatt, 

In Camera: The View from Here Gallery 101, Ottawa
by Jen Budney

Audible Gestures: Andrew Wright @ Thames Art Gallery
Artfocus Magazine, summer 1998
by Darryl Hill

Books / Catalogs:

Pretty Lofty And Heavy All At Once

Pretty Lofty And Heavy All At Once Book
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Andrew Wright, Carol Payne, Randy Innes, Ola Wlusek

Ottawa Art Gallery Galerie d'art d'Ottawa, 2016
with participation from the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, Thames Art Gallery & Patrick Mikhail Gallery.
Design by Simon Guibord. Publication co-ordination Michelle Gewurtz
Discussion of 4 Solo presentations by Andrew Wright from 2013-2015: Penumbra, The Art Museum at the University of Toronto Art Centre (2013); Selected Diptychs & Multiples, Thames Art Gallery (2014); Pretty Lofty & Heavy All At Once, (2015) Ottawa Art Gallery; Untitled Photographic Pictures, Patrick Mikhail Gallery (2015), Montréal. Including works made from 2001-2015.
In English and French. ISBN 978-1-894906-51-7 (paperback)
Available through the Ottawa Art Gallery, ABC Artbooks Canada and
From North America: 1 (613) 233-8699
From Europe/UK: 001-613-233-8699

Orders over $100 are shipped free!  Coupon Code: "100Ship4Free"

Blind Man's Bluff DVD+Book
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The Artful Doubter

Robert Enright & Andrew Wright
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 2005
Catalogue essay 24 pp; Script 53 pp 19 ill., softcover with DVD
0-9731926-5-8 . 

Complete 100-minute video artwork included. Limited copies remain!

The Blind Man's Bluff publication and DVD package is a unique outcome of a video installation. The original installation includes a video showing a man watching a monitor, wearing a set of earphones and describing what he sees and hears of Boris Karloff's last film. The viewer never sees the actual movie but instead watches the man respond to the film. One must read the transcribed dialogue while the actor relays Wright's descriptive script for the movie, thus creating an extraordinary cinematic experience as the visual becomes auditory and the auditory visual. The elegant publication includes an essay, the script and the feature length DVD. 

Winner of the 2006 Book Award Multi Media presented by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.

全景  Chinese Panorama

Andrew Wright 2014, Self-Published Collection, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm, 294 pages

185 iPhone panoramas shot in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Suzchou, and Hangzchou in 2014.

Available from:

Tree Corrections

Andrew Wright 2013, Self-Published Collection,  8×10 in, 20×25 cm, 42 pages
"Wright’s way of looking is mediated by the limits of photographic image-making, by the conventions of visual histories, and by the logic of motifs found in nature. In Tree Corrections (2013) the artist engages with iconic motifs of Canadian landscape painting, such as the windswept jack pine, a figure popularized by the Group of Seven landscapes in the early twentieth century. Returning to one of the Group’s most recognizable locales, Wright photographed the trees surrounding Georgian Bay; some fallen, some dying, some barren and bent, others evergreen or leafy. Using the camera, Wright alters the perspective so that the windswept trees appear at a perpendicular angle in relation to the photograph’s frame."
Available from


Untitled Photographs

Andrew Wright 2013, Self-Published Collection. 13×11 in, 33×28 cm, 28 pages
"Wright’s recent work reveals his ongoing interest in seeing the exterior world as a series of props and indeterminate spaces with ambiguous scale. Precisely composed using artificial light and limited depth of field, these images of granite rock formations, in tension with black skies, oscillate between realism and fiction."

Available from



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