Resource Extraction: Ulsan, Korea, 2018, HD Video, 4m22s.

"Displaying uprooted trees is a potent and controversial practice. The highly specific context in which Wright placed this work further articulates this trope. The Photograph: Suspended Tree was temporarily sited near the Hyundai Motors car-assembly plant in Ulsan, South Korea, the largest such factory in the world and adjacent to an equally massive container port from which millions of cars are shipped annually. It is an industrial site whose size and complexity make it a hyperobject in Timothy Morton’s terms. Hyundai also manages a forest near the precinct, and it is from here that Wright sourced a large tree that he then suspended upside down from an industrial crane. Close to the tree is a shipping container converted into a camera obscura. Wright supplied a hanging screen inside the container to receive the image of the inverted tree."
                     -- From Landscape Into Eco Art: Articulations of Nature Since The 60s, 2018, by Mark Cheetham.